final munny project~~!!!

Edith, Ip Hou Ian

my trendy munny~~~~>3<***


munny in box~~~


texture of munny~~~


texture of box~~~



in my manipulation assignment~i used my favorite character~~SONNY ANGEL~~
this is the first time i used it in my “be original” series~~^^
so happy~~~
christmas’ coming~~
may everybody a merry x’mas~~>w<**

lego’s illusional world

the original illusion picture

use lego to make the world in the above picture~~XD

This is a photo found on FLICKR.
This is a kind of Infrared (IR) photography, and so the color is different from what we can see by the eyes.

This is also a special photo that the artist make the landscape into the shape of a planet.

These photos are only two from the same album in flickr:

Enjoy the photos~

A graphity function

A function held by the Macau Art Museum on May this year.
This function invited graphiters from different places(HK, Macau, Mainland China) to draw on white boards provided and on the walls in an abandoned site.
Their art works are really amazing!!
It also allowd children and teenager to try to draw on the walls, give them the feeling of being a graphiter~


interesting sculptures~~*

he really doesn’t look like a good swimmer…similar to the Mr. Potato in the TOYS…haha~~

a photo of a sculpture taken from the corner restaurant

a photo of a sculpture taken from the corner restaurant

these photos are taken from the bar of the CORNER RESTAURANT~
inside that building, there are many art sculptures, paintings and graphities~
really a good place!

Hello world!

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